Skill Space is an educational platform that aims to provide high-quality courses to Indian households at reasonable prices. We are a South African company with a genuine passion for making knowledge affordable and accessible to empower our students with knowledge and understanding of various subjects.

Excelling at providing web design and advertisement solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa, Digital Lime Green—the parent company of Skill Space—has discovered that there are not many flexible courses available for Indians when it comes to learning online marketing and analytical tools. And especially, if a course is available in English, it would not be available in other Indian regional languages and vice versa.

India is famous for its valuable contributions to the technology sector, especially the Informational Technology sector. Thus, our online marketing and analytical tools courses will enhance your skill set. What’s more? We have made our courses available in English and two other regional Indian languages: Marathi and Hindi. We do intend to expand our courses in other Indian languages in the future as well. Furthermore, to equip you with practical English skills, we also have crafted English courses to help you improve your language skills.

We have a no-nonsense approach, keeping our courses concise and comprehensive.

In 2023, Skill Space currently has English language and e-advertising, and analytical tools courses.

The main attraction of our courses is the availability in different languages and the free monthly live workshops. Also, you will have 24/7 accessibility to ask for support via the message tab to get complete solutions to your doubts.

This is the Skill Space for you! We are currently in our initial phase but our objective to provide high-quality educational courses will only evolve further and further. We are very eager to see you experiencing our courses. Your feedback will be crucial for our growth and to produce further quality-of-life content for your benefit. We cannot wait to meet you in the class!